Water Tankers, parts and Accessories

Tanker Trucks Australia stocks 8,000 litre, 13,000 litre and 18,000 litre water tanker modules. Plus, we can manufacture tankers to meet any individual requirement.

Tanker Trucks Australia truck tanks are 340 grade stainless steel, offering superior resistance to rusting compared to hot-dipped galvanised tanks.

Tanker Trucks Australia is a full-service provider, offering a tank-fitting service, as well as after-sales servicing, parts and accessories, including:

  • Gravity-fed dripper bars;
  • Pressurised dripper bars;
  • Front batter sprays;
  • Front spray bar;
  • Rear sprayers, and
  • Water cannons (manual and remote).
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Tanker Trucks Australia has Water Tankers in stock ready for delivery Australia wide.

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