Water Trucks

Tanker Trucks Australia's Water Trucks are designed and manufactured to withstand Australia's harsh conditions, delivering reliable and efficient performance in any industry.

When buying a Water Truck from Tanker Trucks Australia, you have the option of:

  • buying a New or Used Water Truck ready to go; or
  • ordering a New or Used Water Truck that's tailor made to your requirements.

What is a Water Truck?

Water Trucks carry water, they differ from regular trucks in design. A Water Truck has a special tank with a custom mounting mechanism and specialist pumping equipment to get the water out of the truck quickly and easily.

Because a truck load of water is not static (solid), it will shift with the truck movement – for this reason, the tank sub-frame are designed and engineered specifically to enable loads to be carried effectively and safely, as well as prevent any potential damage to both truck and tanker during load transportation.


What Size Water Truck?

Water Trucks come in a range of sizes with the largest able to carry up to 18,000 litres of water.

Tanker Trucks Australia stocks Water Tankers that range from 8,000 litres up to 18,000 litres, with custom sizes made to order on request. Each water truck is specifically fitted with specialist pumping and spraying equipment, including hose reels, pumps, front sprays capable of covering large areas, in cab driver controls for all sprays, overhead fill points and outlets, and handrails and stairway.


What are Water Trucks used for?


Water Truck Construction Road Spray

Australia has very tough climatic conditions. In construction, dust management is vital to help control environmental hazards and any associated risks to staff and the general public.

Water Trucks are also required to regenerate the environment once a project is completed.

Water Delivery and Irrigation

Water Truck Water Delivery and Irrigation

Australia has been in drought for over 4 years – delivering water to Australian farmers and rural communities is vital to ensure crop, livestock and local business survival. Water Trucks allow farmers to ship in water in vast quantities quickly and efficiently.

Fire Prevention

Water Truck Fire Prevention

Much like dust control and management, water trucks play an important role in fire prevention by supplying water to the firefighters and volunteers on the front line.


Water Truck Construction Mining

As with construction, mining sectors use water trucks for dust control. In addition, mining often require water trucks for environmental rebuilding and regeneration. Mining often require water trucks to be off-road, rugged and manufactured to meet specific mine or environmental standards.

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